Measuring head size is very easy to do. Your head size is the measurement, in inches, of the place where your hat will rest when you place it upon your head; bearing in mind that it is the widest circumference of your head that you are measuring. To determine your own head size, simply take a cloth tape measure and beginning at the center of your forehead (you may at this point want to run and stand in front of a mirror), across the top of your first ear, around to the back/base of your head, across your second ear, and back to the center of your forehead. If you prefer to have your hats come down lower on your head, or for that matter higher, simply adjust the placement of the tape for a more accurate head size. Most women measure anywhere from 21-25 inches. Give or take a smidge. Also, if you don't have a cloth measuring tape, simply take a piece of string or twine, measure your head size in the same way as described above, and then lay this against a hard ruler to determine your measurement in inches! (This is a recent tip from a lovely lady who recently ordered her chapeau for Derby day!)


Men's Hats
Women's Hats


Fedora:Cream Brown & Orange Plaid Unisex Fedora w/ Side Feathers

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Straw Hat:Farmer Straw Hat with Black Band

Straw Hat with Black Band
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Pillbox Hat:Woman Navy Blue Linen PillBox Hat w/ Netting

Very pretty vintage navy blue linen Pillbox Hat with a button on the top and navy blue netting over the hat Union made
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Cloche Hat:Ladies Brown Faux Fur Cloche or Bucket Hat

Ladies...Brown...Faux Fur...Cloche Hat or Bucket Hat
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Pillbox Hat:Ladies Black Faux Fur Pillbox Hat

Ladies...Black...Faux Fur...Pillbox Hat
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