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Fedora Hat:Stetson John B. Stetson Company Tan Suede Leather Vintage Hat

"Stetson""The Soveriegn Stetson""John B. Stetson Company The Stetson Hat - it's not just a hat, it's the hat. Stetson Hats are a major offering of DelMonico Hatter, including Stetson fur felt dress hats, Stetson Western Hats, Stetson straw hats, and Stetson Gun Club Hats. The Stetson hat factory is the country's finest. The hat factory produces a full line of hats in hundreds of styles and colors. Each hat is hand-crafted from the finest natural materials with special attention given to every detail. Stetson Hats are the standard, the essence of the spirit of the West and an icon of everyday American lifestyle. Because of its authentic American heritage, the Stetson remains an unmistakable part of the history of this country. Stetson Hat....inside is marked, "Stetson""Genuine Suede Leather".....Tan suede hat with suede band and feather on the side...size 7 3/ lining marked "Stetson" another tag has places for retail info and someone wrote their name on it "P Kowalchick"....little bit of dirt, needs to be cleaned but its hardly noticeable in overall good used condition... John B. Stetson experienced trying times in his life but after it all he relied on the one thing he did exceptionally well, making hats. He was trained by his father, a master hatter, and applied his skills and knowledge to a trade that, at the time was not held in high regard. A hatter was seen as unreliable, lazy, or aloof, only looking to make his money and go have fun. John B. Stetson changed all that and built one of America's most well-known and successful businesses. The longevity and history of the John B. Stetson Company is based on innovation and quality! John B. Stetson led the hat industry his entire career by designing new hat styles for fashion and function. When it came to quality it was his creed and for the past 130 years it has so stamped the product that the name and the word are synonymous. Today the Stetson hat factory in Garland, Texas is one of the largest in the country and produces a line of hats in hundreds of different styles and colors. In spite of this size, however, classic styling and premium quality remain as the driving forces behind each and every hat. As a result, Stetson hats are the most well known hats in the world. Wherever and whenever hats are discussed Stetson will be mentioned.

PRICE: $69.99 plus $1.50 special handling charge.



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